The Kasino or Casino and the Role of the French and British

Two nations that have been pivotal in the development of the kasino or casino are the French and the English. The French started this under the emperor Napoleon. He loved the 21 card game, which is now better known as Blackjack. The French like to say that they are also behind the invention of the Roulette, but it seems that we only have them to thank for the name, which is French, since we know that the Egyptians were already playing this one.

Then, there were the British. They are responsible for the game of Hazard, which is very similar to what we now know as craps, but it also developed into poker to some degree. Poker combined Hazard with a few Italian and Persian games.

The French come back into the casino timeline here, when they came up with the idea of betting. The British, not to be outdone, invented bluffing. This was when Poker really started to become a proper game. The original casinos were very much about playing Poker, so it is clear that we have the French and the British, and their migration to the United States, to thank for the fun we can have today.