What are the different ways to choose lottery numbers?

Even though there is no perfect method to choose a winning lottery numbers, to make the process fun you can try out different ways. In this article, let us see in brief about the four different ways to choose your lucky ticket.

Frequency Picks:

Most of the lotteries provide charts which shows how often each number has been drawn during a particular timeframe. Make your timeframe as large as possible and look up the frequency chart for all the previous lottery draws. You can have the best possible data set for you to analyze if you could look up the all-time frequencies. Also, ensure that you are looking up the right one.  For instance, MegaMillions stats may differ from Powerball stats.

Based on the frequency chart, choose your numbers. You have two options, once you have looked over the odds. That is, selecting numbers that are drawn frequently or selecting numbers that are drawn less frequently. However, keep in mind that each number still has equal chance of being drawn.

The Delta System:
Let us see an example where we use numbers from 1 through 50. Ensure that the upper limit is same as the ticket you are playing.

  • Try to choose a very low number. If number 1 is fine for you, then choose 1.
  • Pick out two numbers between 1 and 8.
  • Pick a number close to 8.
  • Pick out tow numbers between 8 and 15.
  • Write down your delta numbers. They are 1-3-5-9-11-13.
  • Mix up these delta numbers.
  • Write down the first delta number which is our first lottery number.
  • Try to add the second delta number and the first ticket number together and this is your second ticket number. Repeat this to get the rest of the delta numbers.

Lucky Numbers:
If you believe in lucky numbers, then choose a number that is significant to you. That is, the digits that center on important events or days in your life. Some people have a lucky number that they use for everything. If you have one, then just add the number that is lucky for you to the mix.
Random Numbers:

Use a random number generator and get a random number, or let the ticket choose randomly for you. If you are buying multiple tickets at a same time, then you can allow the tickets to choose randomly for you. There is no perfect way to pick the numbers and it is completely random.