What Happened To The UKs Biggest Lottery Winner?

The biggest lottery winner in the UK was Angela Kelly, a Royal Mail employee from East Kilbride, Scotland, who won £35 million on the national lottery. Like many lottery winners, Kelly’s story initially sounds like a rags to riches tale. She didn’t have a lot of money, and she purchased the ticket on impulse. She didn’t even bother to watch the draw. She only found out she’d won when she asked colleagues to check the numbers on her ticket, which she had left at the office, for her.

Support From Camelot
After her win, Camelot, the company that runs the national lottery in the UK, came to collect her and take her to a secret location, where she was given financial advice from Dot Renshaw, the company’s “fairy godmother”. Renshaw arranged for Angela’s money to be transferred to a private bank, and set her up to meet with financial advisers. The interest on her winnings totals £21,000 a week.

Angela insisted that she wanted to go public with her win. This decision was one that she quickly came to regret. Publicly, she said that she wanted to buy a new car and a new house, as well as take a holiday, but other than that she simply wanted to help out her family and friends. She was not prepared for the life of riches, and the publicity that it would bring.

Like many lottery winners, Angela has been besieged by beggars asking for handouts, and she now fears for the safety of her teenage son, who struggled to adapt to the new life. All Angela’s son wanted was a new games console – he didn’t want to move to a new area or change schools, but the publicity surrounding the win means that he may be a target for kidnapping or extortion threats.

Keeping The Win Secret
Camelot offers financial advice, and recommends that winners think carefully before going public about their fortune. If you don’t tell the world that you’ve won a huge amount of money you can enjoy a normal life without having to worry about how others will treat you. That’s something you should think about before you buy your next Euromillions tickets. The money is something that most people dream of, whether they’re buying the tickets at the local corner shop or via an international vendor such as www.livegameonline.com/- but when the big win comes, who will you tell, and how will you respond to those who ask you for money? Will you change your life, or simply enjoy security where you are?

Angela now lives a secluded and relatively simple life. She has no idea what to do with the huge amount of money she has acquired, and she has lost all sense of purchase. If she had won a smaller amount she would have enjoyed financial security, but as a neighbour of Angela’s explained to the Daily Mail she is now at a loss. Maybe it is possible to win too much money.